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Video Deck for YouTube™

Best way to manage your
YouTube subscriptions!

What is it all about?

Video Deck for YouTube™ helps users track novelties on their subscribed channels and greatly improves user experience for users subscribed to multiple YouTube channels. Its features can be easily personalized - selection of different channels, automatic removal of already viewed videos and simple history browsing are just a few of its advantages.

Don't miss any videos
Customize your feed
Manage watched videos
Live video statistics
Use different devices
Be alerted about new videos
  • "I bought YouTube Video Deck recently. I am glad I did. It makes it so quick and easy to watch the content you want to see. I had over 100 subscriptions and YouTube's subscription manager is a shameful solution. This is how it should be and it's getting better all the time."

  • "Brilliant, I think the best part is that you can play all your subscriptions in a playlist. And also grouping is done far better than the official youtube page. Great overall and never seems to miss a video!"

  • "This extension is really great for keeping track of youtubers that you're subscribed to."

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